Apple & Blackberry Pie



●   6 Bramley apples
●   1 punnet of Blackberries
●   200g Sugar
●   50g Butter
●   ½ kg block of shortcrust pastry
●   1 whole egg
●   Cinnamon to taste
●   Semolina to help a soggy bottom



1. Peel, core and roughly dice the apples.
2. Place the apples in a shallow pan and sweat in butter and a little sugar for 3-4 minutes.
3. Roll and split your pastry into 2. One big enough to line the base and the other big enough for the pie lid.
4.Line your pie tin with the sweet shortcrust pastry, sprinkling with a little semolina which will help stop a soggy bottom.
5. Place the apples and blackberries in the pie base and add cinnamon and more sugar to taste.
6. Top with your pastry lid. Seal with a dab of water and crimp the edges. Make and top with some leaves with any remaining pastry for decoration.
7. Egg wash the lid and place in a oven at a moderate heat for 20-30 minutes or until the pastry in browned.

“TOP TIP: To achieve a great pie crust, whisk a whole egg with golden caster sugar and brush the pastry every 5mins during the cooking process”

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