Beef Cassoulet


●   1kg Featherblade or blade steak
●   2 pints of a good beef stock
●   2 carrots
●   2 celery sticks
●   1 leek
●   1 small white onion
●   A selection of hard herbs (bay thyme/sage/rosemary)
●   2 Heritage carrots
●   1 leek
●   1 small white onion
●   200g peeled banana shallot
●   10 cherry toms
●   200g curly Kale
●   1 small can of cannellini beans (drained)



A slow cooked feather blade steak will beat a more refined beef cut every time, if you look after it and give the dish time to cook.


1. Ask your butcher to cut your blade into 1 ½ inch steaks.
2. Seal the beef in a hot non-stick pan then remove and place in a casserole dish.
3. De-glaze the pan with some of your stock then add to the beef along with the remainder of the stock.
4. For flavour and to be removed later, add 2 carrots whole, a couple of sticks of celery, some chopped leek and a peeled small onion along with a bay leaf and the herbs to the stock.
5. Cover with baking parchment, then foil and seal. Place in an oven at 150c for 3-4 hours or until really tender.
6. In a separate pan, sear your shallots in a little butter or oil if you prefer.
7. Remove shallots and set aside. With the pan still really hot place the tomatoes skin down and blacken for no more than 10 seconds, blistering the skins and which prevents popping when eating.
8. Blanch you kale leaves then peel and cut to your preference, the Heritage carrots. Partly cook the carrots.
9. Reheat your stock and add the Heritage carrots, shallots and beef along with the drained beans. Once heated add the kale just before serving, then lastly the tomatoes.
10. Serve with a rich and creamy mash.

“TOP TIP: Cook everything separately so each element is cooked to perfection without losing any of its vibrant colour”

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