We’re buzzing about beehives!

9th February 2018

Over the past ten years, beekeepers worldwide have identified a sharp decline in the number of bees, in some cases a decline of up to 50% has been observed. This phenomena is known as ‘colony collapse disorder’ and whilst the reasons for this decline are many and varied, the consequences of such a sharp decline in bee population will affect us all!

Honey bees pollinate much of the world’s crop, so they represent a vital part of the food chain. A decline in bees will affect our yield of fruits and vegetables on a direct level, but when one considers how important these foods are farther up the food chain, we may also see this affect livestock as well as other important crops including seeds, nuts and oil crops. At Blue Apple, we decided to do our part to help beekeepers in England in protecting and encouraging bee colonies with our first ‘Blue Apple Beehives’ promotion.

Our promotion, which coincided with UK Honey Week, championed British honey by inviting customers to contribute £1 towards the adoption of local beehives through the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) and we are delighted to announce that over £1000 was raised! This has equated to Blue Apple adopting 28 beehives across the South, London, East Anglia and the Midlands, with our restaurants receiving adoption packs including local honey to use in their menus. With over 20,000 bees in a colony, that’s well over half a million Blue Apple bees buzzing about!

To read more about bees and how you can help at home, have a read of this excellent article from DIY Gardens.




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