Blue Apple Chef of the Year


…and the 2018 winner isĀ Mark Lewis, our long-serving and dedicated chef manager who runs one of our bustling Hertfordshire locations.

Mark, who has been with Blue Apple since 2002, faced tough competition from some of Blue Apple’s finest up-and-coming chefs, but it was his commitment to producing innovative and delicious meals, coupled with his energy for inventively marketing them, that earned him the gong at the 20th anniversary edition of our Annual Awards Ceremony

Always with an eye on making lunchtime a real occasion for his customers, Mark has consistently presented exciting takes on classic dishes and pays attention to emerging food trends to keep his offer interesting. His innovation doesn’t stop there, as he recently decorated his Christmas tree with tinsel made from leftover food wrap, knife and fork baubles and impressively, stars constructed from coffee stirrers. Everything is produced with fun in mind and his customers are big fans!




Mark, who previously managed one of our smaller contracts, moved across Hemel Hempstead in 2017 to take over at his current site, which has been rejuvenated by his energy, tasty food and a recent refurbishment that has allowed him and his team to flourish and to continually delight his customers.

Marketing Designer Scott Northway was pleased to see Mark take the award, saying:

‘Since I joined Blue Apple I’ve been impressed particularly by Mark’s energy and enthusiasm for inventive dishes but also, for me, by his great ideas on how to market his food. He often approaches us with new ideas for his own bespoke theme days and ways to incorporate them into his menus. He’s always the first person to sign up for David Belsey’s Culinary Forums and food tours, but quite apart from that, he goes about his work in a modest and helpful way. A deserved winner.’

Congratulations Mark!

"He goes about his work in a modest and helpful way. A deserved winner!"

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