Endang up for Staff Canteen awards

28th October 2020

Blue Apple are delighted to see that our very own pocket rocket Chef Manager, Endang Gonzalez, has made the nominations for the prestigious Staff Canteen Chef of the Year award, and you can help her make it to the final 6!

Excellent Endang has been with Blue Apple for nearly 15 years and in that time her infectious personality and dedication has been loved by colleagues and customers alike. Truly customer-focussed and a big part of her local community (she has held cooking lessons in her local village and has supported families with her cooking during the coronavirus pandemic) she’s also, as a Chef Manager, really focussed on developing and leading her team and sharing her knowledge.

Did we mention her food? Her bright and colourful dishes, always presented beautifully and often inspired by her Indonesian roots are a sight to behold and always big sellers in her unit, whilst her passion for baking and cake making sees her producing some real show-stoppers both at work and for friends at home. Feast your eyes on her work by following her Instagram.

In a list of largely well-known and famous chefs or those with Michelins tars, we’re really proud to have in Endang the only nomination for a chef from the Business and Industry sector. It’s been a tough time for hospitality in 2020 and with restrictions and guidelines making office work less popular at the moment, it’s been especially challenge in workplace catering. We’re pleased to say that Blue Apple is performing well though, and seeing Endang make the final 6 would really send a signal of how important our industry is and the excellent chefs who help make it. You can help send that signal by voting for Endang here!

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