Blue Apple takes over the Foodservice Circle

1st September 2020

There’s no denying that the effects of Covid-19 have changed the way the hospitality industry works and with smaller, leaner operations likely to become more popular, the number of talented and dedicated people from the restaurant and dining sectors entering the job market is unparalleled.

Whilst support for High Street hospitality has been more prominent, notably through the governments popular ‘Eat Out to help Out’ scheme, sadly the same protections for the foodservice and catering sectors has been lacking, and it’s with this in mind that Blue Apple have proudly signed up to the Foodservice Circle, an initiative between leading foodservice and contract catering businesses designed to support people who have entered the job market as a result of the economic downturn.

Working alongside our competitors, the Foodservice Circle has been created to share ideas and provide support to hospitality personnel who find themselves in the job market. With CV support, thought leadership and a sharing of job opportunities, the initiative is here to help our talented industry get back on its feet as soon as possible.

Over the coming weeks, each participant company will be responsible for running the Foodservice Circle for the week and we’re looking forward to our turn, starting on Monday 7th September. We’ve lined up two exclusive webinars, focussing on different and perhaps under appreciated aspects of the situation and introduced in a video from our CEO and co-founder Brian Allanson.

Whilst headline grabbing stories about redundancies may be more prominent, the importance of mental and physical health of those affected is often forgotten, so we’re delighted to announce that for our second webinar, we’ll be joined by nutritionist and wellness expert Angela Steele. Angela’s expertise in promoting mental wellbeing through nutrition and diet with her SuperWellness program means we’ll be able to start the conversation.

Rounding off our week, be sure to check out Alessandra Alonso’s webinar with us. Alessandra is the founder of FEAST; a non-profit organisation supporting women who have lost their jobs in hospitality and who have amazing transferable skills. Their confidence has taken a knock and FEAST offers them an individually tailored package of support that includes one to one mentoring, skills training, and help to boost their chances of getting back into work.

Be sure to check our social media channels during the week. Click here to learn more about the Foodservice Circle.


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