Healthy New Year!

4th January 2018

The decorations are down, those well-intentioned but unwanted gifts have been returned and for many the post-Christmas bloat means it’s time to start thinking and eating healthy as we begin the New Year. Here at Blue Apple, we’re only too happy to help those people along the way!

January sees the first of our new Healthy Eating Weeks from 15th ― 19th, during which time our teams will be serving up lighter, nutritional choices for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Whilst we’re always conscious to offer a great range of foods throughout the year, our healthy eating weeks are there to offer tasty alternatives and healthier options that are filling without compromising on flavour.

As part of the week, we’ve also divised some fantastic ‘healthy highlight’ recipe cards that our customers can take and try at home. All of the recipes, which are nutritionally balanced and created by our team of chefs are simple and quick to produce at home — helping those on a New Year diet to keep eating healthily at home. There’s a great range of recipes to try including our Oaty Granola Bar which is ideal for a fuelling breakfast with its slow-releasing energy, our Omega 3-packed Seed Crusted Salmon which is full of essential vitamins and perfect for lunch and for those with a sweet tooth, we’ve even got Beetroot Brownies with beetroot acting as a natural detoxifier and digestion aid!

We’d like to wish everyone a happy (and healthy!) 2018.


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