Let’s talk turkey

Hi, I’m David and I’m development chef here at Blue Apple. I absolutely love making and tasting new flavours for our customers and now I’ve been asked to share my favourite recipes and give you a little insight into my role and what I get up to day-to-day. 

In my capacity as a development chef I write recipes, train our chefs, prepare and present food for our sales team and generally have the best time doing it!

Well it’s that time of year again! Our sites are just finishing their service of Christmas lunches and functions and the festive pressure to impress is nearly over for another year.

For me the humble Christmas lunch has been put on a pedestal and can put the fear in chefs and cooks across the land as they only have one chance to deliver. It’s too easy to overcook, overthink and generally overdramatise. I think it’s time we took a step back and revisited what the Christmas dinner is really all about — spending time with family!

I remember when I cooked my first Christmas dinner at my folk’s house. I was about eighteen years old and I played it safe by cooking a classic traditional lunch with all the trimmings. Christmas at home before then had usually consisted of:

1. Mum putting the turkey in the oven (veg, potatoes and the pigs all prepped the day before)
2. The rest of the family getting up and grabbing a coffee
3. Opening our Christmas presents
4. Next door but one popping in for a sherry…. and chocolates!
5. Assessing your hoard, opening boxes, ignoring instructions and inserting batteries
6. Mid-morning fry-up which included the liver from the turkey (my Dads favourite)
7. ‘Vegging out’ out followed by the dinner
8. Watch the Christmas movie on BBC 1 (never ITV)
9. Board games until bed

For some reason, mum would start cooking dinner at 6-7am, but the year I took over the food was sitting in the fridge and I was still checking out my presents with three hours to go. Mum started pacing up and down nervously and looking at me to take the hint and start cooking!

Now that year the turkey was cooked to perfection and I was met with the classic ’that turkey is so moist where did you get it from?’ comment (like the whereabouts of the turkey made a difference!) Turkey is a really great meat when cooked well and it’s a shame it gets a bad reputation based on overcooked and crumbling Christmas meals — it goes hand in hand with the humble sprout which has been badly treated over the years but when done properly really makes a Christmas lunch.

I listened to a radio phone-in this morning where they discussed what Christmas meant to them.  It got me thinking; Christmas is a chance to be free of worry, relax on a sofa, cuddle up your loved ones and not be afraid to tell them how you feel.

Whilst looking forward to the New Year, be thankful that you can sit around a table, enjoy good food and share some Christmas spirit.

Eat well,


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