Live, Love, Eat!

18th March 2020

It’s hard to escape from the reality that we are living through unprecedented and uncertain times. However, it has never felt more important to have some comfort and stability, and whilst that may be harder to come by at the moment, we’re fortunate to operate in an industry which is full of passionate, intelligent and hardworking people who are dedicated to producing delicious food and providing excellent service. The hospitality industry exists to delight and entertain and really, at a base level, we’re here to make people feel good!

We’ve been really encouraged by our teams’ response to the new situation that Covid-19 has placed us in. From sites where our team have quickly had to adapt or reduce their menus and offering at late notice to those which have become even busier than normal, it’s been lovely to see the camaraderie and team spirit in our business whilst making no compromise on quality. As Craig Lumley, one of our Chef Managers rightly said ‘Catering…we push on through – that’s what we always do!’

More than anything else, food brings us all together. In the words of Craig, we will continue to push through over the weeks and months that may lay ahead, adapting and changing as necessary, but looking forward to when we can do our part to bring people back together with nourishing and exciting food.

So keep supporting local and independent where you can, keep washing your hands (of course!) and remember to #liveloveeat


The proof is in the pudding!

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