London Calling

Hi, I’m David and I’m development chef here at Blue Apple. I absolutely love making and tasting new flavours for our customers and now I’ve been asked to share my favourite foods and give you a little insight into my role and what I get up to day-to-day.

In my capacity as a development chef I write recipes, train our chefs, prepare and present food for our sales team and generally have the best time doing it!

One of my favourite jobs at Blue Apple is organising development days for our chefs, during which I devise a fun (and educational) day out for our staff to sample new ideas and recipes for their restaurants, and it was time for me to test my latest route, so who better to try it out on than some of the guys and girls from head office?

Now I always try to show the guys a wide spectrum of cafes, eateries and outlets the whole company can relate too, from subterranean coffee bars to the rudest Chinese restaurant in London, there’s something for everyone. Our tour would take us from Goodge Street, through to deepest Soho and all the way round to the city.

Our first stop was Yumchaa which serves a wide range of artisan and blended teas. It’s a funky little place and looked great with its contemporary stripped back décor and well-presented cakes and on the move snacks. From there we made our way to Attendant, a coffee shop set in a converted underground public toilet with urinals made into tables and a small yet smart menu. The truffle infused mac and cheese was the ‘soup of the day’ and tasted amazing; it put my faith back in the Mac.

Let’s drink some (more) caffeine. We visited a few coffee shops on our tour but Kaffeine stood out in particular with some lovely savoury snacks (the tomato, basil and olive bread was delicious) through to the classic ‘flat white’ in the centre of Soho. The queues were out of the door!

On to The Melt Room in the centre of Soho. Nestled in amongst the bustling Berwick Street Market which had some great stalls from Polish wraps and pancakes to the great roast beef Yorkshire wrap (which I introduced to Blue Apple a couple of years ago). As we strolled toward The Melt Room we stumbled across The Potato Project which serves an array of tasty jackets featuring half loaded avocados, sweet potato hummus, naked potatoes with butter and chilli ragout with blue cheese fillings. When we finally reached The Melt Room we treated ourselves to three of their standard melts; a roasted beetroot and feta, a BBQ chicken and a pulled pork sandwich. These were great, tasty and generally messy eats.

Hip Chips is another little find based in Old Compton Street. The premise here is unusual but simple; a restaurant that serves only crisps! We purchased a giant tray of heritage crisps with a selection of savoury and sweet dips ranging from katsu curry to Gordon’s gin and lime cheesecake. The customer service was great here, really adding to the ambience and although we all laughed at the prospect of eating £11’s worth of crisps, we absolutely wolfed them down.

While these trips are undoubtedly good fun, they’re also a vital means for Blue Apple to ensure we are serving contemporary and exciting food. Food is our passion, after all!

Eat well,


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