Meat, meat and meet David

Hi, I’m David and I’m development chef here at Blue Apple. I absolutely love making and tasting new flavours for our customers and now I’ve been asked to share my favourite recipes and give you a little insight into my role and what I get up to day-to-day! 

In my capacity as a development chef I write recipes, train our chefs, prepare and present food for our sales team and generally have the best time doing it!

I started my week in Melton Mowbray, having driven up from Essex after a late finish preparing food ready for the next day. Feeling tired and hungry I found myself in a tidy but slightly Fawlty Towers-esque hotel in which the staff were running around doing five jobs at once. It was time for dinner and safe to say, I wasn’t expecting much, but WOW the badly typed and bland menu was just a shroud to hide a lovely dish! Seared double pork chop filled with a Stilton and mushroom mousse served with creamy mash, curly kale and peas. Now at first this sounds a little dull, but I hadn’t had a double chop in ages; the pork was cooked to perfection with great rendered fat and well-seasoned (all food should be seasoned well) the mash creamy and even the kale and peas were great.

I watched Michel Roux Jr’s hidden restaurants show this week, in which he went to a restaurant in a chef’s back garden. The chef cooked a rib of beef by wrapping the meat in a tea towel impregnated with salt and hard herbs. They baked it for 40 minutes on an open fire then broke the hardened towel open, thickly sliced the beef then chargrilled the resulting steaks for the guests. It was humbling to find out Michel had never seen this done before; I had seen the technique many years ago after reading an article in which Italian chefs cooked fillet of beef the same way (although they used a piping-hot pizza oven) once service was over and the chef’s wanted some grub. This is one of my favourite dishes and is often a favourite for my friends on bonfire night. It tastes amazing and is so easy. What a showstopper!

Soon it was Friday and time for even more meat as I took my girlfriend to Veyso’s, a local Turkish restaurant in Collier Row, Essex which I had heard only good things about. I had chargrilled lamb cutlets cooked medium whilst my girlfriend had a chicken and lamb shish. The service was relaxed and fun and although the food was simple, it was really tasty. Honestly, It wasn’t cheap, but the full restaurant just shows you that good food fills restaurants.

And so with the weekend arrived I decided on Saturday to try making a new dish, in which I poached a piece of rib eye steak in garlic infused clarified butter. I placed the trimmed steak in the warm butter and gently simmered the meat for 30 minutes. I then brought it out and rested the meat for around 20 minutes before slicing and quickly searing it for the plate. I served the rib eye with long stem broccoli, sauté potatoes, crispy shallot rings, rocket, seared cherry tomatoes and a whole grain mustard sauce. I was told it was perfect!

What a meaty week.

Eat well,


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