Mental Health First Aid

8th November 2019

To further enhance Blue Apple’s capabilities and commitment to mental health in the workplace, two of our team members recently undertook and completed their Mental Health First Aid qualification. This certified training gave Louise Dennick, Regional Operations Manager and Julie Millar, Campus Manager, all the skills needed to provide a recognised level of care and support in terms of mental health at work.

The training is designed to give the individual an in-depth understanding of mental health, together with the factors that affect wellbeing. The idea then is to then take that learning back into the workplace, where they are now equipped with practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues, together with the knowledge to sign-post someone to further support.

The qualification also gives them personal skills to enable them to step in and reassure any of our team who are experiencing distress or where non-judgemental listening is required. This is in addition to a free, confidential, 24 hour helpline, which we provide to all employees through our Employee Assistance Programme. This service provides free telephone counselling, and having two qualified first aiders will enable us to create an even safer environment for anyone who faces the daily struggles that mental ill health can bring.

We are delighted to be able to send team members on such constructive and vital training, which is designed to ensure that we not only look after our customers’ happiness but maintain a focus on our own people first. The two are inextricably linked, and we look forward to having more qualified mental health first aiders on our teams going forward.

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