Merry Chipmas!

17th December 2020

It feels like this Christmas is more important than ever before…

…and whilst we all look forward to a Merry and Bright Christmas it’s worth reflecting on what has been a challenging year for the hospitality industry, with a huge number of talented hospitality professionals having their livelihoods disappear.

That’s why this year Blue Apple are very proud to be supporting the excellent Hospitality Action Invisible Chips initiative.

We’ve decided to donate the equivalent cost of both our client Christmas gifts and our corporate Christmas card this year to support Hospitality Action. They’ve been working tirelessly to provide advice, consultancy and support to the thousands of hospitality workers who’ve lost their jobs due to the impact of the virus. We’re sure you’ll agree it’s a great way to highlight this issue and support such a worthy cause.

You can read more about Invisible Chips and how they are supporting our industry by clicking here.


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