Brined pork chop with pickled sweet red cabbage



For the brine
●   Pork loin
●   1 part caster sugar
●   1 part Maldon sea salt
●   1 part distilled vinegar
●   2 parts warm water
●   Juniper berries
●   Old fresh herbs
●   Bay leaves
●   Peppercorns

For the sweet pickled cabbage
●   Thinly sliced red cabbage
●   2 parts caster sugar
●   1 parts vinegar
●   2 parts water
●   Aromatic spices



1. Cut the pork loin into steaks.
2. Mix all the other ingredients together and stir over a low heat
until the salt and sugar melts.
3. Let the liquid cool, then poor over your steaks. Wrap them up
well and leave in the fridge to marinate for up to 48 hours. The
longer the better.
4. On the day of use, run the steaks under cold water for about
30 minutes, then flash fry and finish in the oven. You can also
grill these. You should see there is not much shrinkage.
5. For the cabbage, bring to the boil the sugar, vinegar and
water but do not reduce. Add the aromatic spices and taste
— it should be sharp but sweet.
6. Leave to cool.
7. Once cool, pour over the sliced red cabbage and leav

“The pickled cabbage will help cut the intense flavour of the pork and works well together with a creamy mash.”

Recipe brought to you by Jon Harding, Chef Manager and Development Support

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