Pre-order of the Day!

14th August 2020

After a difficult period for the hospitality industry, this month has demonstrated just how much love there is for our pubs, cafes and restaurants in the UK. Eat Out to Help Out may only be a temporary scheme, but it’s shone a light on our industry in such a positive way and confirmed how great food can bring people together in a shared experience. We don’t see why that should be any different in the workplace!

Yes, the world may have changed, but we are still here for our customers and ready to serve fantastic food and drink too, and just like the retail sector, we’ve been working hard to make our sites as safe possible whilst remaining inviting and welcoming. A big part of this is embracing technology and with this in mind, Blue Apple are now pleased to be able to introduce you to our new web-based pre-order and pre-payment system.

Created as a response to the challenges posed by physical distancing (we’re staying social, thank you!) and in line with government legislation, it’s designed to make ordering and paying for your meal as simple and quick as possible, whether accessing by phone, tablet or desktop.

The service is fully customisable for each of our restaurants, allowing us to tailor what’s cooking at each site with bespoke menus and as a (proudly) fresh food company, that’s a key part of what we do. Our chefs love producing exciting and diverse menus that show off their creativity and delight the taste buds, and we’ve made sure that using an online ordering service doesn’t hamper this in any way!

Fully compliant and simple to sign up for and use, the app allows our customers to browse the entire on-site menu, view any current deals or offers, customise their lunch and make payment. It’s a system that will help to reduce contact and touch points as our team are able to schedule collection times to maintain safe physical distancing and, moving into a post covid world, help to minimise queuing times while keeping our customers up-to-date with what’s cooking!

Supported by eye-catching marketing, the app has already proven to be a huge success as we begin to welcome our customers back into our sites. We believe that a good catering offer is an important part of the experience of being in the workplace; food is our passion, and with that we also believe that workplaces are and will continue to be a vital part of working life. The importance of being in the same space as your colleagues, collaborating, working as a real team (and enjoying delicious food!) is something we can all look forward to.

There’s no escaping that the world in which our business operates has changed and as a caterer, we are sensitive to the new challenges facing an industry which has always relied upon being tactile, personal and inviting. A warm smile, the aromas drifting from the kitchen or your freshly brewed coffee and that satisfying feeling of being well fed, it’s all a big part of the process and we want to make sure that none of this is lost as we adapt to our new environment. We look forward to serving you!

If you are interested in reading more about our new ordering system, please click here to view and download a copy of our marketing brochure.


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