Recycling is the third ‘R’!

Part-time Business Development and Sustainability Assistant Scarlet began working for us when she returned from two years teaching in Japan. An environmental science graduate passionate about sustainability, she is reviewing our sustainability work.

On Friday 20th September I attended the launch of the Recycled Plastic Rating (RPR) at the House of Commons as part of my role as a Green Apple Ambassador. The event took place on the same day as the global #ClimateStrike, at which over 100,000 people in London alone demanded climate justice and system change. With a great focus on action tackling plastic pollution too.

Supporting such action our hosts and developers eco-cleaning company Delphis Eco’s Recycled Plastic Rating is a clean and simple trust mark intended to go on the front of fast-moving consumer goods packaging detailing the percentage of recycled materials used. Simple, huh? But with great potential for change.

Traditionally labels have detailed if a product can be recycled, not if it has been. Optimistically thinking, drawing focus to this matter has the potential to shift purchasers’ thoughts to the entire life cycle of the product packaging, not just where it will go ‘after’. It could allow customers to make more informed and hopefully fewer confusing decisions. Allowing them to align their spending with their values and promote a shift towards a circular economy.

Currently the trust mark is just used on Delphis Eco’s products, which have been 100% RPR since 2017. However, they are calling on the government to make it mandatory with hopes that the mark will become standard and positively shift thinking and purchasing habits.

With pressure to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of recycling I hope the popularity and accessibility of recycled plastic content continues to increase before being eclipsed by plastic free. As it’s crucial to remember that it is the third R in mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle. In the meantime, the RPR is an accessible, necessary and easy step towards a slightly less polluted future.


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