Stress Awareness Week

13th February 2020

From 10-15 February Blue Apple is raising awareness of stress in the workplace. We live in a busy world, with busy jobs and busy lives surrounding them, and it can be easy to skip breaks and meals during the working day as a result. However, taking a step back and having a breather once every few hours is no bad thing, particularly where resetting your mind is concerned.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you are so busy that you just don’t know what to focus on next? How often have you stepped away, had a cup of coffee or a sandwich and then returned with a renewed vigour and clarity? Taking care to recognise the signs of stress in yourselves and others is of vital importance as we go about our day to day lives, and at Blue Apple we are not just here to provide the coffee and cake.

This week we are providing distractions such as Scrabble, Draughts – even Kerplunk – to provide a few moments of light hearted escape as 2020 starts to gather momentum. Remember, stress is no friend of productivity, so there is no good reason why a quick game of Mousetrap should be frowned upon! Of course, we’re also providing some tasty and nourishing food to enjoy, including antioxidant packed raw ‘mega flapjacks’ which can help to reduce blood pressure, and delicious spicy butternut squash muffins. Low in calories and rich in vitamin C, we think they’re the perfect accompaniment to a break time game of Cluedo or a puzzle!


Karen Wellbelove, HR Manager at Blue Apple, commented: “As a responsible employer we take the mental health of our staff incredibly seriously. We recently sent a number of our team members on a specialist course (Mental Health First Aid) to be able to identify stress indicators in the workplace, and this week is a continuation of those efforts to raise awareness and to start to make a difference in the locations we serve as well. It’s a bit of fun on the face of things, but the serious nature of stress should never be overlooked. In 2020 our Green Apple team have highlighted mental health as an area of focus and as well as increasing our number of mental health first aiders in the business we’ll be running a number of promotions and events that put mental wellbeing front and central. For now though, we’ll be looking out for the best Scrabble players!”

The proof is in the pudding!

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