We believe measures that have a positive impact on sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) should be at the heart of Blue Apple. Making positive changes wherever possible (and however small) is a passion of ours, therefore if an opportunity to improve presents itself we never hesitate to make the switch!


We have targeted areas including food waste, company travel, recycling and eco-friendly packaging within the business from a sustainability perspective, whilst our CSR initiatives range from staff wellbeing — via our employee assistance programme — development and training, to our support of charities and community sports clubs and initiatives.

Sustainability and CSR Booklet


We are pleased to bring you our 2018/19 Sustainability and CSR Report, which highlights a wide range of initiatives across the business designed to reduce environmental footprint and increase our positive social impact. Now in our 21st year, Blue Apple remains as committed to sustainable and responsible practises as ever before, driving down food waste, investing in employee wellbeing and ensuring its supply chain is as ethical as possible.

Have a read of the 2018/19 report here.

Green Apple Ambassadors


To ensure our sustainability and CSR initiatives are always kept on track we have our Green Apple Ambassadors (GAA). The team comprises Blue Apple staff from all levels of the business, who are passionate about the environment and committed to making a real difference to the impact our industry has. They are dedicated to achieving our Sustainability and CSR targets, by making recommendations and implementing improvements for our clients and throughout the Blue Apple business, from waste reduction and alternative packaging solutions to community outreach and charity projects.

The proof is in the pudding!

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