Waste not, want not

Hi, I’m David and I’m development chef here at Blue Apple. I absolutely love making and tasting new flavours for our customers and now I’ve been asked to share my favourite recipes and give you a little insight into my role and what I get up to day-to-day. 

In my capacity as a development chef I write recipes, train our chefs, prepare and present food for our sales team and generally have the best time doing it!

Recently I’ve been looking at how we produce food and the kind of foods we throw in the bin. While doing my research it surprised me that we tend to ignore the obvious foods and actually get our knickers in a twist over foods we don’t buy all the time during our weekly shop. Let me explain…

When we go shopping we walk down the aisles and tend to buy the staple items as a matter of course as well as (without realising it) the same old foods week in and week out. We tend to only get side-tracked when we are presented with a special offer which we just can’t turn down.

I live on my own these days but like many I tend to cook with a view to saving whatever is left over to have at a later date. On Sunday I cooked boiled bacon for our roast dinner and saved the rest and used it diced and seared for a pasta dish on Tuesday — very little was wasted!

You could do the same thing with a whole chicken — just think how many meals you can produce; pulled fillets can be served with a sauce made from your chicken stock, leg meat can be used to make a tasty pie and any leftover stock can be used too — it would taste great in a leek and potato soup.

But sadly, many of us are wasting food all over the place, so let’s look at some of those commonly discarded favourites and see what can be done to stop it:

Here is the list of the top 5 foods we throw away:


How many times does a loaf of bread go a day out of date and then you throw it away?I always save my crusts for breadcrumbs or croutons for soup. Better still freeze your out of date slices in twos for toast. However, never refrigerate bread as it goes off quicker.


I throw so much milk away, as I always buy too much just in case I need it. I think we as a nation are paranoid about running out of milk! Freeze your milk and use it for white sauces as it will sit in your freezer for weeks; you can place it in a pan to warm through.


This is simply fixed by how you store them; potatoes in a dry, dark cupboard will last longer. I have always stored them like this, along with their best friends; onions.


Another item that people buy every time they go shopping only to discover they have another two blocks in the fridge when they get home. Cheese lasts for a long time so remove any mould and use for cheese sauces. Alternatively leave unwrapped in the fridge and allow to dry out then use grated instead of parmesan.


So much fruit is wasted, but I’m a culprit too, I only want to eat a piece of fruit when it’s turned! Only buy fruit if you know you are going to eat it. Most people buy fruit to make them feel better about themselves knowing full well that given the choice cheese on toast is a better night time snack than a banana or an apple.

When you next go shopping, why not try to buy something a little different than the usual? You’ll be more inclined to eat these items before your usual choices that just sit in your fridge waiting in case you need them!

Eat well,


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