Welcoming Back

15th June 2020

As the UK slowly moves away from the full lockdown which closed all non-essential business, including our beloved pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants, it’s easy to forget that in the contract catering world, a number of our units have remained open; providing daily sustenance to key workers. Blue Apple staff, especially those working for Pharmaceutical clients, have been working hard to do their bit in combating the virus, and we’d like to thank them all for their dedication and hard work. We know our teams have been patiently waiting to get back in the kitchen, many of which have used this time to hone new culinary skills which we’ve been following on social media and looking forward to tasting.

Whilst we sit proudly within the hospitality sector, the nature of the contract catering industry places Blue Apple in a good position for re-opening. We serve a captive customer base in sites that are not accessible to the public, our food is freshly prepared on site and is suitable for takeaway. Providing in-house catering facilities within the workplace also eliminates the need for staff to leave the building for lunch or breakfast. Plus, one thing we all have in common is a love of food — with few cafes and restaurants able to open, we know we can help our clients’ employees get enjoyment from providing their favourite coffee and lunchtime snack.


As well as producing great food, we’ve been working to make our units as safe as possible too. Safety is vital and as we prepare for our return, we’re acutely aware that physical (not social — we still want to be social!) distancing measures in particular will play a big part in how we prepare and serve food.

We’ve been working with our clients to bring our restaurants and cafes in line with government guidance measures to ensure their staff (and ours of course!) are safe, as well as re-designing our menus, offers and dining areas to ensure contact with surfaces is kept to a minimum. We’ve also been working hard developing our new pre-ordering app (details to follow soon) and our detailed COVID-19 risk assessments which will be available for customers and clients to review so they feel confident that we are following best practice.  It’s important to stress though, we’ll be making sure that everything is still delivered with a smile and will taste great!

Across the UK, Europe and the world, nothing seems to be untouched by the effects of Coronavirus. In the catering and hospitality sector, COVID-19 has presented our industry with new challenges, not least how to ensure business survival, but also how to innovate and still entertain and delight our customers.

For Blue Apple, it’s about how we can produce fresh, nourishing and tasty food and drink to our clients in a workplace that will ― hopefully only in the short term ― look quite different. It’s a challenge, but we’re ready for it.


Blue Apple are proudly supporting UK Hospitality’s #FAIR4HOSPITALITY campaign, which is lobbying the Government to support our industry by allowing pubs, cafes and restaurants to re-open safely. To show your support, click here.

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