We’re crackers about reducing waste!

11th December 2019

As a company with a keen focus on sustainability, at Blue Apple we’re dreaming of a GREEN Christmas this year as our mission to drive waste out of the business continues into the festive season. Our dedicated Green Apple Ambassadors have identified an opportunity to make a real difference across the business this year, by pulling 20,000 crackers – out of our sites!

To be clear, it’s not an effort to spare our customers the terrible jokes associated with this tradition. In the UK alone some 150,000,000 crackers are pulled each year, which actually leads to a significant amount of wastage – particularly where plastics are concerned. Who needs another plastic cracker toy?! This project feeds directly into the sustainable initiatives that run year-round at Blue Apple, and while it may seem BAH HUMBUG! We think it is worth the potential grumbles to save that waste.

Josh Key, one of our excellent Green Apple Ambassadors commented: “We all love a cracker at Christmas – who doesn’t? But as a company we are dedicated to reducing waste in every possible area, and removing crackers is a simple way to do this. While it might not seem in the spirit of the season, the impact it will have outweighs the need to roll your eyes at another bad joke. Not that we want the jokes to stop of course. In fact, our message for Christmas 2019 is ‘Crack jokes, Not Crackers!’”

To further our green Christmas credentials, we’ve also elected as a business to send electronic Christmas cards this year as opposed to the hundreds of traditional cards we have sent previously. That’s a lot of paper saved and zero carbon delivery too. Father Christmas would be proud!

The proof is in the pudding!

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